“We are growing our business as a family”

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“My husband and I attended BEST training in October 2013. Immediately after the training, we bought a grinding mill valued at UGX 3 million from a percentage of proceeds earned from our nine acre farm output”, says Consy.

“BEST and the other Enterprise Uganda trainings have changed our lives in various ways. For instance, we were encouraged and inspired to do business as a husband and wife. We also learnt the importance of saving. We bought twenty cattle, two of which are used for ploughing and a motorcycle valued at UGX 3.9 million from our grinding mill business. The grinding mill now fetches an average income of UGX 18,000 per day. This steady flow of income enables us to cater for our family’s basic requirements”, noted Consy’s husband Patrick Komakech. “We relocated our milling business to our own land which we bought last year at UGX 4 million.”

Name: Consy Adong
Age: 35 years
Region: Gulu
Business Sector: Agri-business
Growth trajectory: They have grown their family investment into a business worth UGX 22.4M

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