My lack of commitment failed me

My name is Ochora James Kazini, aged 29 years. Before Enterprise Uganda training, I was a third year student (finalist) at Gulu University pursuing a degree course in public administration. After getting knowledge from Enterprise Uganda, I started a business.

My father gave me capital of UGX 200,000 and I bought 2 piglets, a female and male at UGX 60,000. I then used the balance to construct a small shelter for them. The business started well. I used to feed the piglets with local food so there no major expenses being met. When the pigs stayed for 6 months, they produced about 4 piglets. Later the weather became unfriendly (too hot) and I eventually lost 2 piglets.

When I got a job in Amuru district, I entrusted my project with a relative. He later reported to me that the 2 big pigs had escaped and were poisoned and died. This meant that the caretaker was not giving my business enough time like I had expected. I got discouraged and sold off the remaining 2 pigs at UGX 80,000 each. On realizing that I could only raise UGX 160,000 from my business, I gave up on it because the business was hard for me to monitor from afar. I have since realized that one needs to start something that you can be committed to.

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