“I turned idle resources into capital. My business today is worth UGX 106M.”


“In 2013 Enterprise Uganda invited participants to attend the BEST Entrepreneurship Training for a fee of UGX 5000. I was hesitant to attend but decided to go. One of the many things which I learnt was to turn idle resources into capital. I made a decision to change my life based on this advice. I immediately sold my motorcycle (valued at UGX 1.5million).

I used the money to buy equipment to set up fish ponds. I had good fishing skills but had never used them. I realized that I could turn idle, available land into fish ponds and use my fishing skills. Despite experiencing the trauma of the Ugandan war, I stuck to my mission of getting out of poverty – even if it meant doing it alone,” says Thomas Oloya, age 28 year.

“By the end of 2013, I had started seeing the fruits of my labor.

My mentor, Mr. Onono, with whom I was matched by Enterprise Uganda, was very instrumental in helping me grow my business. I continued to attend the Enterprise Uganda follow-up trainings as well – this helped me improve my business skills of record-keeping and marketing”, says Thomas.

Today Thomas’s business is worth over UGX 106 million

and it is registered. “I have also ventured into animal farming and horticulture,” said Thomas. “I was very happy when I was invited to participate in the International meeting of ‘Entrepreneurship for Peace’ in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2015 where I could share my entrepreneurial journey.”

One thought on ““I turned idle resources into capital. My business today is worth UGX 106M.”

  • November 29, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Thanx for the inspiring words, I would like to have a one on one chat with you. I have been inspired by your story and i would love to look at it practically with you at your farm. I have the interest in Fish farming yet i know little about the venture,

    Please get back to me and we see how you can be of great help. My mobile number is +256702218782/0775865395.

    Thank you
    God Bless you


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