“Who knew that being a farmer would make me a millionaire?”

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Name: George Angullu
Age: 29 years
Region: Acholi Region
Business Sector: Agri-business.
Growth trajectory: Has grown his investment into a venture worth UGX10M

“Onions can never grow in Acholi because our soils cannot support such a crop. This is what I was told by many of my peers. I asked myself: if food can grow in a desert, how can onions fail to grow in Acholi? I had a different attitude and knew that this kind of thinking was old-school,” says George.

“I attended Enterprise Uganda training and acquired the confidence I needed to start a business. The trainers encouraged us to start small and grow big later. Following the training, I utilized all of my father’s 3 acres of land to grow onions, maize and green pepper, in addition to cattle-keeping. I also started with capital of only UGX 1 million that I had saved from the sale of my chicken and goats.”

George has grown his business significantly, and his capital today stands at UGX 8 million.

“My family life has improved tremendously. I can now afford school fees for my children, and I am able to assist some members of my extended family. My relationship with my wife is blossoming because we no longer harass each other for money”, he warmly notes.


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