Am no longer a prisoner of Employment

Okello Richard chief aged 33 is a professional Engineer. Before Enterprise Uganda, he was working with an NGO called Adraa Uganda, in West Nile region which is very far off from his home in Kitgum town. One day he came to visit his family in Kitgum and heard Enterprise Uganda training over the radio. He quickly registered for the training and attended it. That training opened my mind. I learnt that being my own boss was the only way I was going to keep my family.
After the training I decided to quit my job at Adraa. That job was paying me 400,000 UGX per month. When I did this, I got problems with my wife. She thought I was making a mistake. But decided to continue. I immediately went to Allied Cooperative and Savings Society for a loan. I borrowed UGX 3,500,000. I bought a motorcycle for transport and managed to pay back in 6 months.

I again borrowed the same amount again and bought another motorcycle. I have paid back the money. I now have 3 motorcycles valued at UGX 10,500,000. I earn about UGX 900,000 a month from my motorcycle business. I have accumulated capital of UGX 1,500,000 which I have used to start a retail shop. I make sales of about 50,000 per day. I am able to take my children to good schools without a hustle. I now stay with my family and am now very happy. I have acquired land in town to construct a permanent house for my family.