“I turned idle resources into capital. My business today is worth UGX 106M.”


“In 2013 Enterprise Uganda invited participants to attend the BEST Entrepreneurship Training for a fee of UGX 5000. I was hesitant to attend but decided to go. One of the many things which I learnt was to turn idle resources into capital. I made a decision to change my life based on this advice. I immediately sold my motorcycle (valued at UGX 1.5million).

I used the money to buy equipment to set up fish ponds. I had good fishing skills but had never used them. I realized that I could turn idle, available land into fish ponds and use my fishing skills. Despite experiencing the trauma of the Ugandan war, I stuck to my mission of getting out of poverty – even if it meant doing it alone,” says Thomas Oloya, age 28 year.

“By the end of 2013, I had started seeing the fruits of my labor.

My mentor, Mr. Onono, with whom I was matched by Enterprise Uganda, was very instrumental in helping me grow my business. I continued to attend the Enterprise Uganda follow-up trainings as well – this helped me improve my business skills of record-keeping and marketing”, says Thomas.

Today Thomas’s business is worth over UGX 106 million

and it is registered. “I have also ventured into animal farming and horticulture,” said Thomas. “I was very happy when I was invited to participate in the International meeting of ‘Entrepreneurship for Peace’ in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2015 where I could share my entrepreneurial journey.”

“Adding value to cassava improved my life.”

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Name: Abuin Suzan

Age: 28 years
Region: Soroti, Teso Region
Business Sector: Agri-business Value addition (Cassava)
Growth trajectory: Has grown his investment into a business worth UGX 12M
Suzan sorting cassava at her store
“I am a Senior Four drop-out and a single mother of two,” says Suzan. “I started the business of buying and milling cassava in 2011 with only 20 bags. I was clueless about business and almost abandoned it. But, somehow, I kept going because I did not have anything else to do.”
“In August 2013 I received a call from my mother, encouraging me to go for the Enterprise Uganda training. During the training I learnt about record-keeping and accounting. This

knowledge turned me into a better business person”, she says.

“Today, I stock over 200 bags of cassava, estimated at UGX 12 million. I also attribute my business growth to a good savings culture and the habit of ploughing back profits into the business. I bought land and intend to finish school early next year. I am happy that all my children are in school. I live a better and purposeful life.”

“From employee to employer”

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Name: Sunday Ukurboth
Age: 25 years
Region: Nebbi, West Nile Region
Business Sector: Education Services.
Growth trajectory: Has grown his investment into a venture worth UGX 8M


“I know that when people see me, I do not strike them as a school owner. But I am no ordinary man, despite holding an ordinary Certificate of Education. I am the proprietor of two nursery and primary schools in Kucwiny Sub County – Nebbi district at only 25 years of age. As a result, many of my peers call me Muzeeyi (Old Man) because of my great achievements”, says Sunday.

“For five years I worked for a bakery called ‘Yummy Loaf Limited’ in Kampala. I got fed-up with the small pay and hectic work schedule. I decided to quit my passionless job and to go back to Nebbi because I could hardly make any savings. While in Nebbi in January 2014 I heard an Enterprise Uganda radio announcement and decided to attend a 5-day entrepreneurship. During the training, I was deeply touched by the trainer’s message: ‘Starts your own business; start with what you have’. After the training, I decided to follow my passion of teaching and started a school with capital of UGX 1.5 million given to me by my uncle.”

“At the end of 2014 we had a total enrollment of 35 children, and had saved over UGX 4 million. Today, I have a total enrollment of over 140 children and employ over 8 teachers. I opened up another school and I feel content with the support I give my family”, says Sunday.

“I chose to employ myself.”

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Name: Alfred Oketh

Age: 22 years
Region: West Nile
Business Sector: Manufactures Energy saving stoves

Growth trajectory: Has grown his investment into a venture worth UGX6M

Alfred at his work station in Acholi.

“I started working part-time at the age of 15 while I was also studying. I used my wages to pay for my school fees. I attended the Enterprise Uganda training during my S.6 vacation. During the training, I learnt that I had capital in my head. That, to me, was the turning point!”, notes Alfred.

“I quit my part-time job and opened up a workshop with savings of only UGX 120,000. My brother also gave me a loan of UGX 140,000. I started manufacturing energy-saving stoves and selling them locally. I was lucky to get a contract from Congo to supply 200 energy-saving stoves and that further boosted my business”, Alfred says.

“My sales have continued to increase, and my estimated business value is now UGX 6 million. “People now look at me as someone here in Parombo town,” he notes with pride.

“Who knew that being a farmer would make me a millionaire?”

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Name: George Angullu
Age: 29 years
Region: Acholi Region
Business Sector: Agri-business.
Growth trajectory: Has grown his investment into a venture worth UGX10M

“Onions can never grow in Acholi because our soils cannot support such a crop. This is what I was told by many of my peers. I asked myself: if food can grow in a desert, how can onions fail to grow in Acholi? I had a different attitude and knew that this kind of thinking was old-school,” says George.

“I attended Enterprise Uganda training and acquired the confidence I needed to start a business. The trainers encouraged us to start small and grow big later. Following the training, I utilized all of my father’s 3 acres of land to grow onions, maize and green pepper, in addition to cattle-keeping. I also started with capital of only UGX 1 million that I had saved from the sale of my chicken and goats.”

George has grown his business significantly, and his capital today stands at UGX 8 million.

“My family life has improved tremendously. I can now afford school fees for my children, and I am able to assist some members of my extended family. My relationship with my wife is blossoming because we no longer harass each other for money”, he warmly notes.


“We are growing our business as a family”

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“My husband and I attended BEST training in October 2013. Immediately after the training, we bought a grinding mill valued at UGX 3 million from a percentage of proceeds earned from our nine acre farm output”, says Consy.

“BEST and the other Enterprise Uganda trainings have changed our lives in various ways. For instance, we were encouraged and inspired to do business as a husband and wife. We also learnt the importance of saving. We bought twenty cattle, two of which are used for ploughing and a motorcycle valued at UGX 3.9 million from our grinding mill business. The grinding mill now fetches an average income of UGX 18,000 per day. This steady flow of income enables us to cater for our family’s basic requirements”, noted Consy’s husband Patrick Komakech. “We relocated our milling business to our own land which we bought last year at UGX 4 million.”

Name: Consy Adong
Age: 35 years
Region: Gulu
Business Sector: Agri-business
Growth trajectory: They have grown their family investment into a business worth UGX 22.4M