Sand Mixer starts only Studio in Usuk

When Moses Amodoi aged 30, fell out of school at senior four level, his elder brother recruited him for a sand mixing job at a construction site. His elder brother is a mansion of Construction Company.

I was earning only UGX 3000 a day. I could not make ends meet. “Every time I went to work, I used to think about starting my own business” Moses says. One day our youth counselor came to me mobilizing youth for Enterprise Uganda training. He told me to pay UGX 5000 which I willingly did
After the training, I decided to start my own job. I opened up a photo studio using a borrowed camera.

I paid rent of UGX 35,000 out of my savings. After working for about 6 months, my brother decided to take his camera on realizing it was making a lot of money for me. Good enough I had saved some money but it was not enough to buy the camera I wanted. I went home and sold my goat and bought a camera. I am now earning about UGX 72,000 per week. I am now able to earn about UGX 350,000 a month. I have also started poultry farming business. My chicken is now valued at about UGX 200,000. I have also bought 2 cows valued at UGX 1000,000. I am now married with a wife and child. I intend to modernize my studio, buy computers and a printer. The value of my business is about UGX 2,800,000.

My lack of commitment failed me

My name is Ochora James Kazini, aged 29 years. Before Enterprise Uganda training, I was a third year student (finalist) at Gulu University pursuing a degree course in public administration. After getting knowledge from Enterprise Uganda, I started a business.

My father gave me capital of UGX 200,000 and I bought 2 piglets, a female and male at UGX 60,000. I then used the balance to construct a small shelter for them. The business started well. I used to feed the piglets with local food so there no major expenses being met. When the pigs stayed for 6 months, they produced about 4 piglets. Later the weather became unfriendly (too hot) and I eventually lost 2 piglets.

When I got a job in Amuru district, I entrusted my project with a relative. He later reported to me that the 2 big pigs had escaped and were poisoned and died. This meant that the caretaker was not giving my business enough time like I had expected. I got discouraged and sold off the remaining 2 pigs at UGX 80,000 each. On realizing that I could only raise UGX 160,000 from my business, I gave up on it because the business was hard for me to monitor from afar. I have since realized that one needs to start something that you can be committed to.