How Customer Care has improved my business

Moses Ebek aged 29 years is the proprietor of Kwo lokere Enterprises, a hardware shop. Before Enterprise Uganda training, I was operating a small timber shop with an estimated capital of UGX 150,000. I was not even sure whether I was making profits or losses. I did not have records at all. But somehow I kept in there because I could not find a job to do. I did not go to school so could not get employed. But one day a friend came to me and asked me to go for the Enterprise Uganda training. I paid UGX 5000 and attended.
After the training, I realized I was so poor in business management skills. So decided to apply what I had learnt. I started treating my customers very differently. Those that had gone started coming back. I sold some of my assets to accumulate some capital to satisfy my customer needs. I increased my capital to UGX, 1000,000. I have been ploughing back my profits into the business. The business has now transformed into a hard ware shop with the estimated capital of UGX 4,500,000. The acquisition of customer care skills has catapulted my business into what it is today. My daily sales have steadily been increasing. I sell about UGX 100,000 a day. I have a vision of expanding my hard ware shop to the biggest in the area. I am now able to take my children to boarding school. My family is now very happy