How Harriet has changed perceptions about women in Debbi town.

When you see Harriet Kayompatho you may take her for an ordinally lady, but she is not. She owns 2 thriving businesses in Nebbi town. Harriet holds a bachelors degree in social work from Uganda Christian University.

Before Enterprise Uganda, she worked for a family business which paid her UGX 120,000 a month. While working there she joined Excel Investment club and started saving with them. After saving for over a year, she decided to start a business of her own with capital of UGX 3,000,000. However with no business management skills at all her business started collapsing. She could make sales but did not have proper records. “I could not know whether I was making profits or losses”.

She says.When I got information through a friend about the Enterprise Uganda training, I decided to attend. It is in that training that I realized I was not doing business. “I realized I was stealing from my business”. She further adds. After the training I had to change. I started by improving on my customer care, this has since increased my customers, I introduced book keeping and also started paying myself as an employee of the business. I also started ploughing back my savings into the business. I have also managed to get supplier credit due to my proper record keeping and the trust that I have created with my suppliers. I also registered the business.

As a result, my business is now blossoming. My capital has grown from UGX 3,000,000 to UGX 10,000,000. My daily sales have increased from UGX 1,000,000 to UGX 3,000,000. I have also started another business- the mobile money shop which is valued at UGX 8,000,000. I make about UGX 1,000,000 every month from my mobile money shop.

From the savings I have managed to buy a personal car. I also bought a plot of land valued at UGX 5,000,000. I am now constructing rental houses which are currently valued at 19 million shillings. I have plans of constructing a commercial building for my businesses in the middle of town. With this kind of accelerated growth many of her friends see her as an icon, for the women in Nebbi town.