How my Garage has earned me respect

The name Emma Owachgui speaks volumes in Erussi Sub County, Nebbi district. This all because of the garage he started after attending the Enterprise Uganda training. Before the training, Emma was only doing mechanical work, repairing motorcycles which he learnt from his brother during his senior four vacation. He did not have a garage. He used to earn about UGX 80,000 a day and put it to waste. “I used to waste my money on time wasters like betting and drinking with friends”. Emma says. “I did not have any savings at all”. Emma recalls.
It is until when I attended the Enterprise Uganda training that the situation changed. In that training, the trainer said that “It is us who want to be poor” because we do not want to start businesses of our own. I also learnt business management skills. When I came back home, I realized that I had lost a lot so immediately started my own garage with the little I had earned the previous week. I started with about UGX 600,000. As of now my capital has grown to UGX 6,000,000. I opened up a savings account and I have so far saved UGX 2,000,000. My daily sales have improved from the UGX 80,000 to UGX 200,000. I now earn a salary of about UGX 400,000 from my business. I have also diversified into agriculture. I am now doing Irish potatoes on about 1 acre of land. I expect to fetch about UGX 500,000 this season.
With my business am now able to pay school fees for my young brother at Erussi secondary school. I have managed to acquire a plot of land in Erussi town estimated at UGX 800,000. “This business has earned me a lot of respect in this town”, Emma boasts. My future plan is to set up the biggest motor garage in Nebbi district. This I will achieve in 5 years time I reckon.