I am the Sylvia Awori of Katakwi

My name is Arungat Gorretty; I am 24 years and a senior four drop out. Before Enterprise Uganda training, I was operating a small shop and was not break evening. My sales were low and could not differentiate between profits and capital for the business. I had small capital of about UGX 300,000. I wanted to abandon this business because things were not moving on well.
It is until our youth counselor Katakwi, came to me, mobilizing young women for the training. I enrolled and in that training, I learnt two critical issues that have enabled me grow my business- customer care and how to save.
After the training, I borrowed UGX 300,000 from my VSLA group and restocked my shop. I sought knowledge from my customers on what products they liked and purchased them. From then on things have been steadily improving.
My capital has increased to UGX 1,500,000. My daily sales have increased from UGX 40,000 to UGX 80,000. I am now able to calculate my profits. I now earn about 150, 000 a month. From my savings I have been able to buy 2 cows valued at UGX 600,000 each. I have also bought 2 sheep and 3 goats valued at UGX 160,000 and UGX 180,000 respectively. I have also been able to pay back my loan. I intend to enroll for a certificate course in accounting and business administration and also buy a plot in Katakwi town council. I intend to construct business premises in the plot and also construct a permanent home for my family in two years time.