My passion for Medicine has made me rich

Before Enterprise Uganda I was an enrolled nurse earning a salary of not more than UGX 300,000 per month. I was working with Wari health centre III. Because of the meagre income I opened up a small drug shop at my home but it too was not making any profit. I was not saving and had no books of accounts. My sales were less than UGX 10,000 a day. I had very little capital of about UGX 100,000. “I used to operate like a relief centre”. Zinaibu recalls. Many people took drugs without paying and my business collapsed. When I heard the Enterprise Uganda announcements over the radio, I quickly enrolled. In that training I learnt that you can generate capital from the sale of idle resources.
After the training I sold my TV screen at UGX 350,000 my 3 pairs of shoes at UGX 50,000. When I raised capital of about UGX 400,000 I restocked my shop with it. I also started ploughing back the profits. The capital has now increased to UGX 7,000,000. I am now a member of a savings and investment club where we save weekly. I have also opened up a bank account and accumulated savings of UGX 700,000. I now have 2 workers that I pay a salary of UGX100,000 per month. I have also managed to maintain my job at the health centre because of my passion to treat people. Out of my savings with 3 different savings groups I have managed to construct a commercial building valued at UGX 35,000,000. This building will house my drug shop and also become my residence.